Worlds First: Mermaid speaking underwater for 2 minutes!

Mermaid Melissa is known for many aquatic things. But most of all she tends to be a trend setter when it comes to original ideas for underwater projects. Her latest “worlds first” is this example of not only 2 minute breath hold ability, but speaking underwater! Controlling her air while talking calmly and fluently speaking clearly about her background credentials and mermaid career as a professional mermaid for hire.
Melissa hopes over 8 years of performing underwater for the world’s biggest aquariums, and a lifetime commitment to the preservation of our oceans will continue to shine through speaking out for “Ocean education through underwater entertainment”.
Her slogan has always been, “Let’s help save the ocean’s before all creatures become mythical”. You can both see and hear Melissa speaking in her traveling mermaid tank on this video that is sure to baffle land locked humans! The average person has a breath hold of 20 seconds, verses Melissa’s is between 4 to 5 minutes!

Performing live in her many mermaid traveling tanks, this video was filmed in her largest 12 foot aquarium!

talking mermaid underwater in traveling mermaid tank

“Tanks-a-lot” for watching and stay tunes for more!

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