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Mermaid Melissa on Live Primetime TV in Japans Largest Aquarium!

Over 20 million people watched Japans highest rated primetime comedy TV show live 4 hour special featuring Mermaid Melissa in Japans Largest fish & shark tank. (30 feet deep, 60 degrees, holding one breath, free diving.)

“The World’s Leading Professional Mermaid Performer” was hired on this program which is one of the most watched Japanese primetime TV shows. Every week, a few Japanese celebrities go to different parts of the world and participate in adventurous activities such as skydiving, feeding fierce animals, sled race, etc. Nippon Televisions “Sekai no Hah-teh Mah-deh Itte Q” (translated: Quest at the End of the World) Television show had a record braking viewing for this particular episode, that was a live-broadcast for 4 hours as the End of Year Special. All of the regularly appearing celebrities and staff are stationed in Hakkei jima Sea Paradise in Yokohama City, Kanagawa.
The mermaid segment is part of segment introducing rare kind of fish and sea creatures in the world. They show video footage, then they introduce Mermaid Melissa in the water.