Mermaid Tank – Hire a Mermaid in a Traveling Acrylic Aquarium Tank!

Mermaid Tank – Hire a Mermaid in a Traveling Acrylic Aquarium Tank!

Mermaid tank used for traveling shows and underwater performances live at events. Bookings for 10x4x4 large aquarium and fees for transport-EMAIL US FOR CUSTOM QUOTE. Mermaid Melissa LLC and Aquatic Merage Productions bring you underwater performances by the most well trained performers, free divers, and breath holding records up to 5 minutes.

Our traveling aquarium fish tank is temp. controlled, filtered 10x4x4 and best booked in advance due to the high demand of interest for use in movies, films, live showcases, and other projects.

There is no other aquarium on the market that has been constructed specifically for mermaid performers with the proper functions, size, and maneuverability on several locations to be showcased.

Contact us with dates, time frame, and location of your event and please provide as much information such as location and length of time the tank will be needed and theme of your project the tank will be used for.

Email to submit a price quote and to schedule a phone conference call to answer any questions on bookings outside of our place of business residing in Orlando, Florida USA.

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