Oyster’s Secret: Mermaid Melissa at Sea World

Oyster’s Secret: Mermaid Melissa at Sea World

Since 2005 Mermaid Melissa has been featured at Sea World in various roles. Not surprising, her favorite is that involving breath holding minutes at a time under water. Sinking to the bottom of the lagoon aquarium, Melissa loves to interact with the thousands of guest that come close to the viewing windows for a more personal interaction with the professional free divers.
Diving for oysters may be the main plot, but far from the only sight you can see while seated in the amphitheater. Many years of 8 to 12 hour days spend submerged underwater have lead to skills that can be seen live daily in this “human aquarium.”
Bubble rings, underwater flips, tricks, and bubble heart kisses are among some of the up close and personal treats for you to witness at the glass.

Take a seat for a half hour and watch the aquatic scenery swim by. Enjoy the laughter of the kids as they play peek-a-boo and become mesmerized by the free diving abilities which make it look like the divers are flying underwater. With no weight belt, or breathing apparatus, Melissa must rely on the power and strength of her lungs to maintain 2 to 4 minutes submerged for the female free diver record here at Sea World. (The average person is said to only be able to hold their breath 25 seconds.)

The closer you get, the more you will be invited into Mermaid Melissa’s world as she often places her hand on the crystal clear viewing window, hoping you will match yours for a high five and hold the pose for some fun photos!
Even in the coldest weather pearl divers like Melissa, can be seen farming oysters, recreating the ancient art of pearl diving daily. It is the only place left in the world where you can witness this on display live and meet a pearl diver as they dive just for your special shells with a pearl in side.
The Akoya Pearl is gem quality from the south seas of Japan, famous for its luster and shine. The colors come in white, cream, peachy-pink, gold, blue, and the rarest and most valuable, the black pearl.

With Melissa feeling most comfortable in the water, it’s common to see her all smiles after a long soggy day of diving. Even after over 8 years working at Sea World, Orlando… she is still proud to be at a venue that is able to showcase the years of training and dedication put on view to the public while having fun on the job diving for a living!
Her comfortability breath-holding is so controlled that even when running out of air, her face never seems to show the strain. In fact, her swimming often looks like dancing, underwater ballet, synchronized diving, and somehow with “mermaid magic” -even the bubbles seem to come to life trailing Melissa’s hands where ever she goes in the water.
While visiting Sea World on one of the 365 days a year they are open… Be sure to make time to stop in, and see for yourself what makes this one of the best best jobs for a mermaid like Melissa to call home in Orlando, Florida!

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(Photo: Guest Meeting Melissa while in Mermaid costumes for Spooktacular Halloween Event at Sea World – October 2012)

(Photo: Happy Holidays and warm wishes from Sunny Sea World! November 2012)