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SUMMARY: Mermaid Melissa is the only woman in the world legally named Mermaid! This extraordinary one-of-a-kind dedication to her aquatic lifestyle is used for promoting ocean education through underwater entertainment. Her slogan? “Let’s help save the oceans before all creatures become mythical.” She makes appearances around the world performing underwater breath hold showcases (her longest being 5 minutes) with a licensed Mermaid Entertainment Aquatic Company. This talented team includes trained professional mermaids, mermen, and pirates. The cast even includes an underwater stunt team that provides specialty acts for custom underwater synchronized style showcases at live events or perform in our portable traveling tanks for large scaled VIP projects. With hands on experience as a professional free diver, Melissa’s resume includes: live featured performances in aquariums, poolside parties, marketing promotions for companies, and custom tailored events for clients worldwide.

Melissa has been working with animals since the age of 16 and devoted her life to an aquatic career over the last 10 years. In 2008 she started to make live appearances in traveling tanks, currently offering the only of its kind, 6 different high quality tank rental options. Portable tank rentals are an over the top show piece used for product placement, demos, underwater modeling, movie scenes, conventions, mermaid shows, clubs, concerts, grand openings, red carpet events, and any over the top theme you can dreamed up. Our company has verified credentials since 2005! By building a solid work history, a reputable client list can be provided upon request, with company letters of recommendation who continue to book and tell others of our services!
Mermaid Melissa LLC is a licensed & certified company with 10 year credentials and a perfect score with paying customer satisfaction! If you are looking for the “wow factor” -make a splash at your next event, let Mermaid Melissa bring the ocean to you!


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Mermaid Melissa LLC

Known as the World’s Leading Professional Mermaid for her real life mermaid 10 year underwater entertainment credentials with leading companies & client references. An aquatic company with the best mermaid performers & traveling mermaid tank services for hire both in America and abroad. Pro underwater performers, VIP events, mermaid pool parties, mermaids in aquariums, underwater models, underwater stunts, unique one-of-a-kind traveling tank live mermaid shows!
Mermaid Melissa is the world’s most realistic mermaid performer for hire located in the USA with her mermaid troupe of mermaids and mermen. Pro free divers hired to perform underwater shows, stunts, roles for TV, print, & film projects. Over 10 years experience of contracted underwater showcases and live performances. Our underwater performers have been seen all around America including Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, Texas, and many major cities touring the USA. Worldwide traveling the globe as far as Japan broadcasted to over 20 million viewers in largest shark aquarium. Mermaid Mermaid is also titled as the first real life mermaid of Dubai featured at Atlantis Hotel Aquarium. Mermaid Melissa has traveled to Germany, Portugal, Italy, London, Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and countless other locations. In her travels, comes experience and with handwork comes the dedication. By perfecting a one of a kind aquatic entertainment agency for underwater performers, unique talent, and specialty routines with customized showcases. Contact for bookings & collaboration projects: