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Over 400 videos on the “Mermaid Melissa” channel!
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Channel Description:
Real Life Mermaid Melissa is world-renowned for traveling the globe swimming the seas as a professional mermaid underwater performer. Promoting Ocean Awareness through her mermaid videos that share a message: “Let’s Help save the oceans before all creatures become mythical.”

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Subscribe to Mermaid Melissa’s Official Youtube channel for weekly videos:

Over 400 videos on the “Mermaid Melissa” channel:

Mermaid Melissa LLC

Known as the World’s Leading Professional Mermaid for her real life mermaid 10 year underwater entertainment credentials with leading companies & client references. An aquatic company with the best mermaid performers & traveling mermaid tank services for hire both in America and abroad. Pro underwater performers, VIP events, mermaid pool parties, mermaids in aquariums, underwater models, underwater stunts, unique one-of-a-kind traveling tank live mermaid shows!
Mermaid Melissa is the world’s most realistic mermaid performer for hire located in the USA with her mermaid troupe of mermaids and mermen. Pro free divers hired to perform underwater shows, stunts, roles for TV, print, & film projects. Over 10 years experience of contracted underwater showcases and live performances. Our underwater performers have been seen all around America including Los Angeles, California, Vegas, New York, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, Texas, and many major cities touring the USA. Worldwide traveling the globe as far as Japan broadcasted to over 20 million viewers in largest shark aquarium. Mermaid Mermaid is also titled as the first real life mermaid of Dubai featured at Atlantis Hotel Aquarium. Mermaid Melissa has traveled to Germany, Portugal, Italy, London, Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and countless other locations. In her travels, comes experience and with handwork comes the dedication. By perfecting a one of a kind aquatic entertainment agency for underwater performers, unique talent, and specialty routines with customized showcases. Contact for bookings & collaboration projects:

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